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Welcome The Cakorinas

The Cakorinas Story

The CAKORINAS Founder in 2007, IT is one of the most professional Egyptian art education and training organizations. at 2012 cakorinas make a collaboration with kythara institute and they start spread the culture together all over Egypt and abroad, Cakorinas takes us into diverse communities locally and around the world, to widen access to all kinds of art and to share the benefits and wellbeing that it brings while it maintains close ties to Ballet, Art, Music& folklore. Our outreach programs provide opportunities for students from age 4 to infinity school pupils across Egypt, classes for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and elder artists to keep active with our popular courses. Our branches will allow us to welcome art lovers into our home for learning all types of art and for us to strengthen our connections with our community.We empower people through art education and enjoyment and believe that everybody should have the opportunity to learn how to be a practitioner Artis. The Cakorinas have experience in the field of teaching Ballet&Dance classes to special needs students. The Cakorinas are represented in many local and international festivals.

Our Value

Respect our heritage: We ensure that the rich heritage of our History is the heart of our training

- One team: We support each other, creating a warm, nurturing environment for students to maximize their potential Student-focused: Students are at the heart of everything we do at the School and their training and welfare are the basis of all decisions

-Learning through the arts inspires joy, opens doors to self-discovery, and builds bridges to life-long learning

- All students can benefit from a toned body, mental discipline, advanced coordination, artistry, and gracefulness Our school is a place where dance, art, music, drama, and history intersect.

- Our school seeks to produce not only superior dancers but exemplary human beings.

- Our school seeks to foster an inclusive and welcoming community where each student can grow and reach their potential in a caring, wholesome, and supportive environment

- Our school embraces creative risk-taking through the development and production of new choreography.

- The arts promote peace in our world, and so we seek to create exchange programs throughout the country and world where our young artists can serve as ambassadors of this community.

- The arts are irreplaceable avenues for expressing the full measure of what it is to be human, and we advocate for the arts in all of our lives.

Our vision

To watch our students flourish into self-motivated, well-rounded individuals who possess the confidence and drive to shape their own future in the field of their choice.Increased self-esteemUtilizing dance as a means of self-actualization, confidence building, connection, community, and self-empowerment.Community-led spacesCurating ballet&music&art programs which are inclusive and community-led at their core; supportive and encouraging by nature.Holistic teaching Holistic and safe teaching practices, tailored to the specific needs of adult Artist’s students, in order to maximize progression and minimize injury.ArtisticDevelopment Celebrating ballet as an art form by embedding performance skills, musicality, and artistry into our teaching models at every level from Beginner through to Advanced.Innovative deliveryCutting-edge and aspirational; pushing the boundaries of what adult dancers can aim for and achieve

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill a great love of dance while inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and

respect for the performing arts. We provide a solid technical foundation for developing dancers. We advocate the study of Classical Ballet as a foundation to instill an awareness of poise, alignment, and technique. Our goal is to give each dancer the tools they need to take dance as far as their dream to approach. We believe “if you can dream it you can achieve it!” Our instructors are qualified to identify and fill each student's specific needs. We believe in enriching education and we recognize that every student has something to offer for art and art has something to each student. We will urge each student to strive daily for their personal best, as well as to support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork in the classroom.It is clear that dance's discipline, focus, and artistic enlightenment create success in all aspects of life. Dance education contributes to developing responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative adults in society.

Schedule Times


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
1:00 PM Cakorinas Classsic troupe (Cako) year 8(Ballet) Ouzi -
2:00 PM Cakorinas Classic troupe (Cako) year ,8 (character). Ouzi year 1 (Ballet). Nahed
3:00 PM Year 5 (Ballet). Cako year 7 (Ballet). Ouzi year 2 (Ballet) Nahed
4:00 PM Year 5 ( character). Cako year 7,6 (chracter) Ouzi year 2 (pointe&Allegro) Nahed
5:00 PM Year 6 (Ballet) Cako - year 3 (Ballet) Nahed


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
4:00 PM - - -
5:00 PM Year2 (classic) Nahed - -
6:00 PM Year2 (history) Nahed - -
7:00 PM - Modern troupe (ouzi) -
8:00 PM - Modern troupe (ouzi) Silver tutu (Ballet) Nevo


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:00 PM - - -
6:00 PM Year 5 (Modern) Ouzii Year 8(PBT) Cako Class p.tutu (Ballet) Hana/ Cako
7:00 PM Year 5 (Stretching) Ouzii Year 8 (Ballet) Cako Class w.tutu (Ballet) Hana/Cako
8:00 PM Year 6 ,7(Stretching) Ouzii Cakorinas Troupe (Cako) -
9:00 PM Year 6 ,7(Modern) Ouzii Cakorinas Troupe (Cako) -


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:00 PM Year 2,3 (Modern) Ouzi Year 1 (Classic) Rahma classic troup
6:00 PM Year 2,3 (Modern) Ouzi Year 1 (Modern) Rahma -
7:00 PM Cakorinas Modern Troupe Ouzi Year 6 (classic) Rahma Class pr.tutu(Ballet) Nevo
8:00 PM Cakorinas Modern Troupe Ouzi Year 6 (pointe&Allegro) Rahma Silver tutu (Ballet) Nevo


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
6:00 PM year 8 (Stretching) Ouzii Year 5 (Ballet) Dr tahany -
7:00 PM year 8 (Modern) Ouzii Year 5 (Pointe-Allegro) Dr tahany -
8:00 PM year 9 (Stretching) Ouzii Year 7 (Ballet) Dr tahany -
9:00 PM year 9 (Modern) Ouzii Year 7 (Pointe-Allegro) Dr tahany -


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
4:00 PM - Year 1 (stretching) Hala/cako -
5:00 PM Year 3 (History) Nahed Year 1 (History) Hala/cako -
6:00 PM Year 3 (pointe-Allegro ) Nahed Class p.tutu (Ballet) Hana/cako -
7:00 PM - Class w.tutu (Ballet) Hana/cako -
8:00 PM - - -
Ballet Tutu
Ballet professional school (BPS)
Fashion Design
Latin Dance
Bollywood Dance
Gymnastics Aerobics
Mix Dance
Ballet Privet
Modern School
PBT (Progressing Ballet tec)


Dr Nesma Jad

Exective Director& Cakorinas Founder

Born in 1989, she obtained her diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance (UK) in 2005, followed by a notable tenure as a dancer at the Royal Opera House (London) until 2013. Achieving a Bachelor's in Financial Institutions in 2009, she took on the role of Representative of CIOFF Youth Egypt (UNESCO) NGO in 2013. Commencing her ballet journey in 2005 as a teacher at the Integrated Care Society, she established her own academy in 2007, specializing in classical ballet. In 2015, she attained her first master's in teaching ballet from (RAD), and in 2019, she earned her second Master's Diploma in heritage from the Academy of Arts. In 2022, she completed her Ph.D. from RAD. Renowned for her ballet performances, including Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, The Pharaoh's Daughter, Egyptian Folklore, Choppiniana, and Carmen. Beyond her ballet endeavors, she serves as the director of various significant events, such as the opening of the Suez Canal, school graduations, 6th October Festivals, the Year of Special Need, and numerous TV programs. She actively represents Egyptian heritage globally, showcasing the richness of the culture in countries like France, China, Greece, Italy, the UK, Serbia, and Spain.

Dr Gamal Saleh

Ballet Consultant

joined ballet school in 1968-earned a ballet diploma in 1976 excellent degree. his bachelor's cerograph&directing 1980, master's degree in 1991, Ph.D. 1996, Dein of ballet institute 2015, in 2000 he was a lecturer in international heritage at Royal Hampton in the UK he joined Cairo opera house in 1970 he performed the ballet Don Quixote-nutcracker -Gaiane- Shahrazad- Giselle- Oun Bahia Gamal joined Kythara Institute as the head of the Ballet department in 2016, and the consultant for The Cakorinas he participates in many festivals as a dancer and director in France - India- UK -turkey -Algeria-UK- Italy- Russia



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